Maluku Mumblings

Frogfish in Ambon

One fish we have in abundance when divers come to Ambon to enjoy the macro diving here at Maluku Divers is the Frogfish. There are so many specimens on the sites, sometimes over ten individuals on a single dive. We love froggies, so we wanted to show you some photos of the different species we see.

From the fish family Antennariidae. Frogfish are a type of anglerfish that have a fleshy growth on the top of their heads that acts as a lure. By dangling this lure in front of their mouth, small fish become dinner when they get too close investigating the movement of the lure. Like a frog, frogfish tend to stay motionless waiting for prey, many can change colour to blend in with their surroundings. They range in size from 2.5 – 40 cm (1-16”) and come in many beautiful colours.

frogfish Painted Photo #1This frogfish measures about 8-10 cm, 3-4”.

frogfish Painted Photo #2Painted Frogfish with lure hunting for dinner.

Giant frogfish #4Giant Frogfish measuring close to 30 cm, 12”. Frogfish can swallow a fish equal to their own size.

Giant #3Notice how the green Frogfish blends in with the green sponge.

Juvenile Painted #6

Juvenile Painted #5jpg

Notice the beautiful red lure on the spotted black Frogfish.

Juvenile Painted #7

Strated hairy #8

Hairy #9Striated Hairy Frog and a Hairy Frogfish measuring 10-13 cm, 4-5”.

Scarlet Pregnant #10Pregnant Scarlet Frogfish

Lembeh #11Lembeh Frogfish named for the shape of the lure

Warty #12Warty or Clown Frogfish 5-8 cm, 2-3”

unknown 13Unknown Frogfish measuring 1.25 cm, ½” we can not find this in any books we have.

Unknown 14

Unknown #15Unknown Frogfish measuring 1.25 cm, ½ can not find in any books we have.

There are many frog fish experts out there, and thousands of critter lovers. Many have visited Maluku Divers for the easy macro diving experience and the sheer quantity of specimens to be seen here. It takes years of diving experience for the guides to know what to look for, what habitat the different species like to make their home and Maluku Divers has been diving in the Bay in Ambon since 2005, so the team has vast experience in the region.

Come and visit Maluku Divers, not only to enjoy the fantastically relaxed dive experience at the resort, the dedicated photography facilities, the waterfront villas, the wonderful food and the great hospitality of our experienced crew, but mainly for the critters that live so close to our resort!

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