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GoPro filters 101

One of the best cameras to capture underwater images is the GoPro Video Camera. They come with all kinds of accessories including trigger grips, pole cams, mask mounts, dome ports, selfie poles, spear gun mounts, housing mounts, tray/arm setups, handles, gopro filters and more. With these, divers are able to capture delightful images underwater and share them with family and friends online.

gopro filters

Pic credit: uwphotographyguide

Using a GoPro Hero Camera
One of the benefits of these cameras is that they are easy to use. Once you get it out of the packaging, start by charging the battery. When the red light that indicates the charging battery goes off, then you know it is fully charged.

That done, put it into the housing, making sure that you do not have debris, hair, sand, lint or dust in the O-ring or the notch. This can cause it to flood and drown your camera. Now hold down the front button to turn it on and press the top button to start recording. If you push this button a second time, it will stop recording. When it is on, red lights will be flashing to indicate active recording.

If you are using a GoPro Hero3+, it has 1080p SuperView 30fps as the default setting. This is excellent and you can capture amazing pictures with it. It works great for beginners. If you are a pro you may want to play around with the various video settings. You could opt for faster frame rates such as 60fps and over. You may also opt to work with higher resolutions so that you can crop your image and zoom in and out.

GoPro Filters
When it comes to underwater video, videographers use the filters to add red light to the picture so that there is better contrast and more color in each scene. Red filters are ideal for blue water and magenta filters work best with green water.

Video Light
You may also bring contrast and color to your underwater scenes by using video lights. The lights will only beam a few feet, and work best when you have a prominent subject that you are filming, such as a coral, a reef, shark or a school of fish. You need to have handles and a tray on which to mount the lights before you can use them directly or using clamps and arm extensions.

That’s all about GoPro Filters, with the right filters and video lights, you can have some amazing videos of your underwater adventures.¬†Feel free to contact us for any further information!