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How to Pack For a Diving Trip

If you will be traveling overseas and need to take your dive equipment, here is a guide that will help you pack everything you need for diving trip.

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Full Gear

Unless you are going to a place where diving is completely unheard of, then you should plan on leaving your weights and dive tank at home. These are too heavy and are often offered when you go on a diving trip.

The best way to go diving is in your own gear so be sure to pack your wetsuit and all other diving equipment, such as your snorkel, fins, BCD, mask, regulator and the like. It will help you save money since you won’t have to rent any of it and will enhance your diving experience since you will be using equipment that you are familiar with.

It is best to pack 2 bags: One with your regular stuff and another with your scuba equipment. You need to make sure that you weigh your bags before you get to the airport because you will likely only get 10kg extra allowance for your baggage.

Weight Limit

If there is a weight limit you may need to cut back on your gear. It may be a good idea to find out what you will be able to rent at your destination so that you can figure out what you can leave. It is advisable to bring your snorkel and mask at all times. It is also good to have your own BCD and your regulator.

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Renting fins is alright but if you do not get a pair that fits well, then you may face some challenges.  In such cases get the open heel kind and bring your booties with you. Finding out what the temperature of the water is in your destination location is also important so that you can decide whether to bring your wetsuit or not. Computers can be very costly to rent, so it is best to bring your own and because you are familiar with it, you can trust what it says.

Travel Friendly Dive Equipment

Today the companies that make dive gear are making lightweight equipment, which makes it easy to travel with. You can have full gear weighing as little as 11kg and at very fair prices as well.

Basically, what you choose to bring with you to your dive trip will depend on your needs and preferences. What can you leave and what can’t you do without? You may also want to ask the dive operator about the equipment you can find readily for rent before making a choice on what to leave or carry. Looking for a diving trip this year? Diving with our team!