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Dive sites in Ambon

Dive sites in Ambon still remain one of the top diving destinations in East Indonesia. It offers the best of both worlds with opportunities for muck diving down to the bottom of the sea where you will find an amazing array of creatures, coral skeletons and much more. Of course, this diving spot is also renowned for its wall dive sites all around the island.

Diverse Range of Dive sites

If you are planning a diving vacation in Indonesia, Diving in Ambon is a must-visit. However, it is important to learn about the dive sites even before leaving home. With a depth of over 500 meters, an extensive 23 kilomdive sites ambon Duke Sparta wrecketers long stretch and a mouth measuring 8 kilometers, there are many diving sites to explore.

Below are just a few of these sites:

  1. Batu Lompa: One of the 21 diving spots in Ambon renowned for volcanic activity. It is a shallow spot, only 25 meters, but the range of creatures will awe you; from turtles and Lionfish to Anthias, Fusiliers, Red-toothed triggerfish, Jacks and Barracudas, Long fin banner fish, Sweet lips, Butterfly and Cardinal fish. The visibility is good for exploration and photography though strong currents are common.
  2. Tanjung Setia: Drops to 40 meters. You will enjoy watching schools of Jacks, Snappers, Fusiliers, and Barracudas and coral reef fish like Bat, Angel, Trigger, Puffer, Butterfly fish and Groupers. Turtles and Hammerhead sharks are rare but you might be lucky to spot one.
  3. Wreck SS Aquila / Duke of Sparta: The ship wreck provides an amazing diving opportunity with 134 meters length and 17 meters width to explore and a wide variety of fish to see. The ship sank in 1958 and today, it is covered in pink coral.
  4. Nusa Ela, Nusa Hatala and Nusa Lain: The 3 islands boast crystal clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, amazing visibility and a large variety of fish including Fusiliers, Banner fish, Long-nosed emperors, Trevally, Napoleon wrasse, surgeonfish and a few Bump head parrotfish.
  5. Tanjung Sial: The popular cape sees strong currents, multiple species of fish such as Also Tuna,dive sites ambon - wonder pus Bump head parrotfish and Napoleon wrasse, school of jacks, Snapper, Fusilier and Barracuda.
  6. Air Manis: Home to unique critters and massive fish species including Frogfish, Ghost pipe-fish, Batfish, Nudibranch and Crionoid crabs Flamboyant cuttlefish, Eels and Pipefish.
  7. Mimic point: This site features the rare Mimic Octopus, Seahorses, Ornate-ghost pipefish Cuttlefish, and Ambon scorpion fish among other species.

Whether it’s wall dive or muck diving, Maluku diving will have you covered. We have many more dive sites other than the listed ones in this entry. Come and explore the beauty of diving in Ambon with us at Maluku Diver Dive Center.