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Ambon Diving – Facts about Frogfish

Ambon Diving Frogfish

If you are a diving fan, it is highly likely that you have come across some information about the majestic frogfish. Any text on marine life photography worth its salt will definitely feature the amazing pictures of this resplendent fish which is found throughout tropical and subtropical waters. Of course, every diver relishes seeing amazing marine life but when you get a first glimpse of the frogfish, the experience is simply breathtaking.

Ambon frogfish and it's eggs

Mosaic of Colors

This small and stocky but fascinating fish belongs to the Antennariidae family. It is credited as one of the most interesting animals to spot during a dive. Some species come in myriad colors ranging from black to red, brown, white, orange, yellow and some even have patches of blue. It is these colors that make the view of a frogfish an awe-inspiring moment. The contrasting colors are the perfect camouflage needed to stay safe.

Spotting a Frogfish

The species is easily noticeable due to its downturned mouth and Muppet-like face. The frogfish in Ambon also has unique hunting tactics and is able to stay 90% of the time without any movement. They can be spotted on a sponge or in a squat position. They have 2 diamond-studded eyes which help in easy identification of their prey.

Distinguishing Features

If you are taking a dive with the intention of catching a glimpse of this fascinating species, below are some features to make things easier for you:

  • Frog resemblance: Other than multiple colors, you will also notice a resemblance of the fish to a frog with fins acting almost like legs.
  • Camouflage: The skin of a frogfish has a tangle of hair, bumps, flaps and tassels and these make it look like the sea rock.

Spotting this fish is tricky and you have to ask your guide about their availability before choosing any diving site.

Feeding Habits

frogfish ambon divingThe frogfish in ambon uses its camouflage ability when hunting and springs a surprise when the prey is within reach. Its lure is used as a hunting tactic and it can also release a chemical to attract unsuspecting prey. The oral cavity expands instantly and the prey is engulfed and swallowed alive.


During reproduction, the female fills up with eggs and the male nudges on her abdomen before both move to the surface where spawning takes place.

The frogfish is not under much threat from predators due to its camouflage ability. The only danger is in destruction of its habitat which can affect the numbers. Dive sites in Indonesia, especially in ambon are popular with divers looking for this type of fish. If you are an underwater photographer, join us at Diving Maluku Dive Resort today.