Maluku Mumblings

Muck diving in one of the most fertile islands in Indonesia

Muck diving often takes place on what at first glance is a deserted, often volcanic, sandy bottom. It may sound uninspiring at first, but once you give it a chance, it will be a surprising and delightful experience. On muck dives, you will be rewarded with discovering the unusual, strange, and rare species such as the nudibranchs, juvenile fish, frogfish, and other wonderful marine life that are found nowhere else. Indonesia is the best place to do muck diving.

Nudibranch Muck Diving Indonesia

For many underwater photographers, muck diving is one of their many favorite activities. It takes extreme patience as they have to research on the perfect site for potential appearances of these creatures. They aim for sites that have large patches of sand (often rich volcanic black sand), with scattered patches of life. This is where we feel, Ambon Bay in Maluku crosses all those things making it an important diving destination.

Clown Fish Nemo Muck Diving Indonesia

It is stated that we have only discovered 5% of the world’s ocean. A very small percentage of these discoveries were made in  Ambon bay. As Ambon is researched more in depth, the ocean keeps revealing many new species. Sightings include harlequin shrimps, boxer crabs, flamboyant cuttlefish, mototi octopus, wonderpus, bobbit worms, stargazers, and rhinopias that all come with a variety of vibrant colors.

Bobtail Squid Muck Diving Indonesia

When you’re staying at our resort during your trip to Maluku, we guarantee to enhance your muck diving experience with our team of knowledgeable divers. And it gets better: The diving sites are right on the resort’s doorstep. If you’re planning to stay with us, let us provide some handy information great for both amateur and professional photographers:

 Muck diving underwater photography preparation

  1. Before anything and everything, learn the critters in the area you will see and want to see. Develop a critter list so you won’t miss out!
  2. Find a good dive guide.
  3. Have the right diving equipment and be sure to double check all the equipment are in good condition.
  4. Don’t get stuck with diving during a particular time of day. Experiment muck diving during both day and night for opportunities to see different creatures. The site is called “The Twilight Zone” after all!
  5. Bring with you a dive light or a focus light.
  6. Don’t worry if it’s raining out, the creatures tend to get excited with this type of weather.
  7. Practice good underwater photographer’s etiquette.

Mimic-Muck-Dive Muck Diving Indonesia

When you’re diving in Ambon, Maluku, it is a whole new experience you cannot compare to any other. Especially when we have your back! The diving area is spacious and we facilitate a well lit and air conditioned camera room with plenty of plugs to charge strobes and lights. In each bungalow, there is a table reserved for cameras. Our divers understand the waters of Ambon better than others. So you can count on us to fulfill your muck diving cravings for astonishing underwater life and if you’re determined, visit secret sites. For more information regarding muck diving in Ambon, Maluku, contact us!