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How to take care of an underwater cameras on daily basis

When was the last time you thought about giving your underwater camera some Silicone? At Maluku Diver Resort, we take our underwater photography seriously. So if you’re a hardcore underwater photographer or simply just seeking for friendly advice to take better care of your camera, get prepared for some hot tips about the underwater camera … Read More

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Why choose Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon Indonesia?

Are you an adventure-seeker? Indonesia is not just about the Island of Gods, Bali. Discover Maluku Islands, another region of the Indonesian archipelago offering exceptional diving resort experiences. Diving in Maluku reveals a subaquatic wonderland to you. Ambon Bay is the primary diving paradise in Maluku, best dived from November to May. At Maluku Divers Read More

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Best travel destinations in exotic Maluku Indonesia

The idea of tropical islands with white pristine beaches and the endless view of the ocean is embodied in one of Indonesia’s oldest province: Maluku.

As the capital city of Ambon, Maluku Indonesia is known for its abundant natural wealth and spices that were targeted by colonizers from around the world. Already imagining a … Read More

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Interesting facts about Maluku Island

The History 

The Moluccan Islands, an Indonesian archipelago, are also known as the Moluccas or Maluku Island. These islands are part of the Australian plate and lie to the east of Celebes (Sulawesi), west of New Guinea and south of Timor. The Europeans and Chinese refer to them as the ‘Spice Islands’. The name ‘Maluku’ … Read More

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Interesting Muck Diving – Ambon Scorpionfish Facts

Seeking to find a unique fish? Then you’ll definitely want to consider looking for the Ambon scorpionfish; also known as stingfish, firefish, rockfish, goblin fish, or hairy scorpionfish. This fish is the chameleon of the sea and its color changes depending on the surroundings, ranging from brown and yellow to green and red. The Ambon … Read More

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Underwater Photography Tips: Black Backgrounds

More helpful photography advice from Maluku Divers’ photo pro Mr Fred Dion, as he discusses photography techniques he implements during his diving life at Maluku Divers, Ambon, this week the big man talks black backgrounds

Have you ever wondered how photographers get nice black backgrounds on their macro shots which make their subjects pop? It’s … Read More

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A Different Maluku Summer Break

Summer is here in much of the world, but in Ambon the weather has become a little challenging for the Maluku Divers team, as it always does in July and August.

At this time of year, the wind comes from the south so it affects the resort much more than in our regular season, which … Read More

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What They Said About Diving in Ambon

The team at Maluku Divers is so proud of the resort, the diving in Ambon and the level of service we offer, that it is difficult for us not to keep telling everyone to come and try diving with us in Ambon. It would probably get a little boring…

Throughout the year we get testimonials … Read More

Commensal Crinoid Shrimp

Underwater Critters Are Hitchhikers In Ambon

More behavioural insight from Maluku Divers’ very own photo pro Mr Fred Dion this week, as he discusses his observations of critters during his daily life at Maluku Divers, Ambon

We all enjoy a free ride now and again but there seems to be quite a few critters in Ambon that are always looking for

Read More
Orange frogfish photo

Let’s go snooting in Ambon!

Maluku Diver’s resident camera expert, the fabulous Mr Fred Dion has been playing around with cameras under water a lot more than he ever used to back in the States. His latest obsession is snoots, read below to find out what he’s been doing during recent weeks in Ambon.… Read More

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