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Muck Diving Experience by Marty Snyderman

Marty Snyderman is an award winning underwater photographer, author and photography instructor, specializing in the marine environment. It was a great pleasure to host Marty when he visited Maluku Divers earlier in 2016 season, he writes here about his experience ‘Muck Diving’ on the famous dive sites in Ambon Bay.

Get Low, Go Slow,

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Quick Photo Tips; Point & Shoot (P&S) cameras.

More photography insight (photo tips) from Maluku Divers’ very own photo pro Mr Fred Dion, as he discusses his use of camera equipment during his diving life at Maluku Divers, Ambon.

When using a P&S camera, shooting macro or super macro can be a challenge. The way these cameras work is you get closest

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Underwater Photography Tips: Black Backgrounds

More helpful photography advice from Maluku Divers’ photo pro Mr Fred Dion, as he discusses photography techniques he implements during his diving life at Maluku Divers, Ambon, this week the big man talks black backgrounds

Have you ever wondered how photographers get nice black backgrounds on their macro shots which make their subjects pop? It’s … Read More

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Compact Cameras at Maluku Divers, Ambon

Maluku Divers’ resident camera expert Fred Dion talks about the capabilities of his compact cameras when diving in Ambon – see the fantastic images he’s producing, without the headaches.

It’s not always about size!

We have many photographers who come to Ambon to see and photograph the abundance of unique critters here. We see cameras

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Mike Bartick at the BBC

Mike Bartick looks back at his recent visit to Maluku Divers in a series of articles to be published throughout the season, check back regularly for more insights and images from Mike and the team at Maluku Divers

Having fun in Ambon. Maluku Divers has a direct connection to the old school ways of

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Octopus Bonanza in Ambon Bay!

The Octopus is one of the most highly intelligent invertebrates in the marine world. One, bred in a German aquarium, even ‘predicted’ the winner of each of Germany’s national football team’s seven matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the outcome of the final game by its feeding behaviour. Now, we don’t know how … Read More

Equator Diving – Ambon Trip Report

Continuing our theme of letting other people spread the word about Maluku Divers and the dive experiences we offer, here’s an update from the team at Equator Diving in the UK, who visited our resort earlier this season.

Over five weeks in late 2011 the Equator Diving team visited some amazing dive locations in both

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Howard Hall’s Report; Diving Ambon with Maluku Divers

As we reported in our last update, we were very happy to host some well known photographers at the resort in February, what better way to see what they thought than publishing their own experiences and images…

On February 6 Michele and I made our last dive aboard Seven Seas in Raja Ampat.  Early the

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All-Star Diving at Maluku Divers

February 2012 saw the crew of Maluku Divers honoured by an all-star visit by eminent IMAX underwater cinematographers, Howard and Michele Hall, world renowned underwater photographers, Norbert Wu and Douglas Seifert and his wife Emily Iriving, and owners of Gates Underwater video housing, John and Karen Ellerbrock.

An introduction of the star-studded cast in the … Read More

Stonner’s Pet Shrimps

The youngest member of Maluku Divers’ dive guide team has beautiful, dreamy eyes laced with lush eyelashes adorned on a boyish face that would melt any girl’s heart. But his charm is not limited to young girls; his quiet, humble demeanour finds its way into the hearts of our divers too.

But to attribute his … Read More

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