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Ambon Indonesia – Muck Diving Mandarin Fish

Mandarin Fish The Most Colorful and Beautiful Fish in the Sea

Ambon Indonesia, in Maluku has been named by many as one of the most beautiful diving destinations on the planet. Part of the legendary Spice Islands, many divers have travelled from far and wide to just to immerse themselves in the warm tropical waters … Read More

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Ambon Diving – Facts about Frogfish

Ambon Diving Frogfish

If you are a diving fan, it is highly likely that you have come across some information about the majestic frogfish. Any text on marine life photography worth its salt will definitely feature the amazing pictures of this resplendent fish which is found throughout tropical and subtropical waters. Of course, every diver … Read More

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Close Focus Wide Angle with Snoot

More photography insight from Maluku Divers’ very own photo pro and all-round photography wizard, Mr Frederick Dion gives tips about snoot photography.

At Maluku Divers the main emphasis of the diving we do is finding and photographing small and unusual critters, which is great as we definitely have plenty of both here.

nudibranch - snoot photography

Photo 1 “Close

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Muck Diving Experience by Marty Snyderman

Marty Snyderman is an award winning underwater photographer, author and photography instructor, specializing in the marine environment. It was a great pleasure to host Marty when he visited Maluku Divers earlier in 2016 season, he writes here about his experience ‘Muck Diving’ on the famous dive sites in Ambon Bay.

Get Low, Go Slow,

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GoPro Settings when Diving

Nowadays people are using GoPro when they are taking videos underwater. GoPro is a camera founded by an American technology company that can resist extreme weather condition, including (if you are using the housing of the camera) underwater diving condition. Its simplicity and handiness attract divers’ attention all around the world. Let’s find out how … Read More

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Psychedelica Makes an Appearance

Maluku Divers’ Resident Photo Pro Mr Fred Dion has just got his first taste of diving with what could be the rarest fish in the world (Histiophryne Psychedelica).

“In 2008 a new species of Frog Fish was discovered in Ambon Bay. First photographed by divers from Maluku Divers in January 2008 it was eventually

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Quick Photo Tips; Point & Shoot (P&S) cameras.

More photography insight (photo tips) from Maluku Divers’ very own photo pro Mr Fred Dion, as he discusses his use of camera equipment during his diving life at Maluku Divers, Ambon.

When using a P&S camera, shooting macro or super macro can be a challenge. The way these cameras work is you get closest

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Underwater Photography Tips: Black Backgrounds

More helpful photography advice from Maluku Divers’ photo pro Mr Fred Dion, as he discusses photography techniques he implements during his diving life at Maluku Divers, Ambon, this week the big man talks black backgrounds

Have you ever wondered how photographers get nice black backgrounds on their macro shots which make their subjects pop? It’s … Read More

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DSLR Underwater Camera Settings for Divers

DSLR cameras today come with many features that can be very overwhelming if you are a new shooter.  Additionally, if you have the wrong settings, you may think that the camera is faulty when really a small adjustment will have it working perfectly. Here are tips to help you out:

  • Turn off the AF Illuminator
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Compact Cameras at Maluku Divers, Ambon

Maluku Divers’ resident camera expert Fred Dion talks about the capabilities of his compact cameras when diving in Ambon – see the fantastic images he’s producing, without the headaches.

It’s not always about size!

We have many photographers who come to Ambon to see and photograph the abundance of unique critters here. We see cameras

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