Maluku Mumblings

An overview of Ambon history

Ambon Island is the capital of the Maluku Province, the largest, and by far the most developed in the region.

The Maluku Islands were given the nickname Spice Islands for its famous nutmeg, cloves, and other valuable spices grown.

beautiful ambon sunset - ambon history

The whole region thrived in the 17th century when it was made into a major … Read More

ambon critter scorpionfish - divers ambon

Critter Diving in Ambon with Maluku Divers

For many underwater photographers, critter diving – or muck diving – is one of their favorite aquatic activities to do. Diving in Maluku is the ideal place to entertain that hobby.

ambon scorpionfish - muck diving

Strategically located on the shores of Ambon, Maluku Divers resort stands as the best accommodation on the island. The area around the village of … Read More

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Ambon’s Twilight Zone: Muck Divers’ junkyard wonderland

Bob Halstead, the godfather of muck diving, once defined it as diving that takes place at any site which does not have beautiful underwater scenery.

diver jetty in twilight zone muck diving

Ambon’s Twilight Zone ticks all the right boxes. Its subaquatic view resembles an underwater junkyard but the debris is studded with living gems galore. In Becca Saunder’s 1998 book … Read More

sunset in ambon maluku

Diving the Moluccan islands of Indonesia

The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas or Spice Islands, are a region of Indonesia situated between Sulawesi and Papua. There are over 632 islands of Maluku scattered across a vast expanse of ocean, settling astride one of the world’s most volatile volcanic belts. The islands are famed for the nutmeg, cloves, and other … Read More


Getting to and around Maluku, Indonesia

Maluku is naturally gifted with idyllic islands enticing visitors to explore its web of culture. Today the Indonesian province appeals to divers for its world class muck diving and huge array of marine life that can be observed and photographed with the help of Maluku Divers Resort’s services. Reaching the islands and interisland transport can … Read More

Nudibranch violet

5 interesting facts about Nudibranchs

Upon hearing the word ‘slug’, beautiful creatures rarely spring into mind. These brilliant-colored sea slugs, however, will completely alter the stereotype. Nudibranch (NEW-dih-bronk) is a type of slug that sports eye-grabbing patterns that will guarantee to paint your subaquatic view whilst diving in Maluku. If you need a little nudge to have a go at … Read More

turtle is eating the coral

Buying the right underwater camera housing for your photography

Underwater photography is such an amazing experience, but it is even more so when you have the right pieces of equipment at hand. The fate of the images you capture when scuba diving is not solely contingent upon the camera alone, the housing also plays a crucial role. Choosing the right housing for your camera … Read More

Underwater Camera Safely underwater

How to enter the water and descend safely with a camera

While the entry technique into the water may vary depending on where you’re diving, the fundamentals stay the same in how to enter the water and descend safely with a camera.

Beginning the dive

In any circumstance when you dive, your camera will always be passed on to you once you’ve settled in the water. … Read More

4 tips to prevent underwater camera housing leaks

There is a saying amongst the underwater photography industry that there are two types of underwater photographers: those who have experienced a camera housing flood, and those who have yet to have one. Camera floods tend to happen, but there is always a reason behind the catastrophe, and the result usually shows the lack of … Read More

safely with camera by checking

How to take care of an underwater cameras on daily basis

When was the last time you thought about giving your underwater camera some Silicone? At Maluku Diver Resort, we take our underwater photography seriously. So if you’re a hardcore underwater photographer or simply just seeking for friendly advice to take better care of your camera, get prepared for some hot tips about the underwater camera … Read More

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