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Psychedelica Makes an Appearance

Maluku Divers’ Resident Photo Pro Mr Fred Dion has just got his first taste of diving with what could be the rarest fish in the world (Histiophryne Psychedelica).

“In 2008 a new species of Frog Fish was discovered in Ambon Bay. First photographed by divers from Maluku Divers in January 2008 it was eventually

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What They Said About Diving in Ambon

The team at Maluku Divers is so proud of the resort, the diving in Ambon and the level of service we offer, that it is difficult for us not to keep telling everyone to come and try diving with us in Ambon. It would probably get a little boring…

Throughout the year we get testimonials … Read More

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Compact Cameras at Maluku Divers, Ambon

Maluku Divers’ resident camera expert Fred Dion talks about the capabilities of his compact cameras when diving in Ambon – see the fantastic images he’s producing, without the headaches.

It’s not always about size!

We have many photographers who come to Ambon to see and photograph the abundance of unique critters here. We see cameras

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Let’s go snooting in Ambon!

Maluku Diver’s resident camera expert, the fabulous Mr Fred Dion has been playing around with cameras under water a lot more than he ever used to back in the States. His latest obsession is snoots, read below to find out what he’s been doing during recent weeks in Ambon.… Read More

Larike Eels

The wonderful season has continued on a high this week as guests have been treated to all things great and small during their long and leisurely dives.

Ambon Bay is always full of surprises and this week along with our usual wonderful selection of frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, bearded gobies and mimic octopus, … Read More

Bad Behaviour

Animal behaviour has always been popular for divers here at Maluku Divers. When I began guiding for macro photographers I was told that the divers wanted to see “either very cool critters or normal critters doing really cool things” and this has been very true. It is just one of the aspects highlighting the great … Read More


Maluku Divers is very happy to announce a new addition to our beautiful resort as construction of our jetty began this month!



Those of you who have visited Maluku Divers previously will probably have fond memories of scaling the sea wall for boat entries but as of June 2014 (all fingers crossed for Ambon construction … Read More

New Team Members

The start of the new season sees some new additions to the Maluku Divers Family in the shape of three new members of the management team, Nuswanto Lobbu, Emily Allen and Joe Daniels.

Nuswanto Lobbu, originally from Manado, makes the move to Ambon after spending many years managing resorts in Lembeh, and liveabord boats in … Read More

The New 2013 – 2014 Season at Maluku Divers



As the clouds begin to part here in Ambon, the Maluku Divers team are once again hastily putting away their umbrellas and replacing them for paintbrushes and shovels as the hard work ends and the fun begins, preparing for the first guest of the season.  The last few months have brought many changes to … Read More

2012 – 2013 New Season Report

Time flies.

After a sometimes difficult, but predominantly enjoyable rainy season in Ambon, Maluku Divers is into its fourth year operating in its purpose-built dive resort located in the quaint village of Laha, just 8 minutes away from Pattimura Airport of Ambon, Indonesia. And the word is out: in the last three years, Maluku Divers … Read More

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