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Li Li’s Pygmy Pipedragon

Li Li Tey is a big part of our team in Ambon. Her beaming smile and enthusiasm for life, both above and below the surface of Ambon Bay, has been a real breath of fresh air at the resort, earning compliments and praise from a whole array of Maluku Divers guests.

Li Li first arrived … Read More

Kathy’s Snakey Bornella

Cool sea breeze, hot sun and tranquil sea conditions return to the resort after two weeks of unexpectedly rough weather. Crystal clear water once again greets divers as they make their way to the dive boats. The departure of the unseasonal pounding waves sees many more of our resident critters back too: medium-sized grey warty … Read More


Resident Critters in Ambon

Ambon’s intriguing shoreline has a habit of throwing up the weird and the wonderful, most famously the new species of frogfish discovered by Maluku Divers in 2008.

However, due to the sheer numbers of the critters that make their home in the habitat on the shores of Laha village, divers who … Read More

Guest Comments

“Very nice place, Kindly staff, excellent dives, a place to come back.  We will share and recommend your Maluku Divers.”


“So lovely creatures, perfect service, absolutely skilled staff – Thousand thanks to you all! I’ll come back.”

November 2014 HIENKE – HOLLAND

“Sad to leave…. … Read More

Muck Diving

Muck Diving

Matt Oldfield

Muck Diving Ambon

Divers who visit the expanse of the muck sites in the Laha region, have often been astonished by the sheer number of species that a day of muck diving in Ambon can produce. Critters rare and unique choose to make a home in the rubble and black sand sites that … Read More

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