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Mimic octopus Muck Diving

Muck diving in one of the most fertile islands in Indonesia

Muck diving often takes place on what at first glance is a deserted, often volcanic, sandy bottom. It may sound uninspiring at first, but once you give it a chance, it will be a surprising and delightful experience. On muck dives, you will be rewarded with discovering the unusual, strange, and rare species such … Read More

ambon scorpionfish feature

Interesting Muck Diving – Ambon Scorpionfish Facts

Seeking to find a unique fish? Then you’ll definitely want to consider looking for the Ambon scorpionfish; also known as stingfish, firefish, rockfish, goblin fish, or hairy scorpionfish. This fish is the chameleon of the sea and its color changes depending on the surroundings, ranging from brown and yellow to green and red. The Ambon … Read More

Bryozoan goby featured

Mike Bartick’s Bryozoan Goby Hunt at Maluku Divers

Mike Bartick looks back at his recent visit to Maluku Divers in a series of articles to be published throughout the season, check back regularly for more insights and images from Mike and the team at Maluku Divers

Maluku Divers has a direct connection to the old school ways of Larry Smith and dive guide … Read More

Flasher Wrasse waters

Flasher Wrasse in Ambon

Maluku Divers Resort Manager and photography expert Nus Lobbu has an addiction to Flasher Wrasse, read more here to find out why…

Flasher Wrasse

This species of the genus Paracheilinus is appropriately called Flasher Wrasse or simply Flasher and they are very closely related to Fairy Wrasse of genus Cirrhilabrus. Dr. John E Mc Cosker … Read More

Rhinopias photo water

The Holy Grail of Critters in Ambon

Since the opening of the new dive season at Maluku Divers the number one fish that our divers have had on their ‘Critter List’ is the Rhinopias.

Rare and difficult to spot, the Rhinopias is a genus of scorpion fish native to the Indian and Pacific oceans. There are basically three kinds of Rhinopias; Rhinopias … Read More