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What You Need To Know About Scuba Diving Hood

If you are interested in scuba diving, it is very important to understand every aspect of the gear you will be using. The gear you use is not only optimized to improve your diving experience but also enhance safety while underwater. A scuba diving hood is one of the most important gears you will need … Read More

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How to Choose Your First Underwater Camera

If you are into scuba diving, of course you want to capture every magical moment underwater. This means investing in an underwater camera. Underwater photography is now a popular undertaking with magnificent shots of the marine life being shown to the world. While shopping for your first underwater camera is an exciting prospect, you will … Read More

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The Challenges of Wall Diving

If you are an avid scuba diver, you must have come across different perceptions about wall diving. There are those who caution that it is dangerous, but this is one activity you have to try if you really want to experience the thrill of diving. Like any other form of diving, you have to … Read More

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Underwater photography – Camera Housing Maintenance

As a scuba diver, you appreciate the magnificent sights you can capture underwater with the best camera. Most of these images will be seen for the first time and it is always a good way to explore the underwater world. There is some mystery that surrounds the underwater world and you can even make … Read More

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Close Focus Wide Angle with Snoot

More photography insight from Maluku Divers’ very own photo pro and all-round photography wizard, Mr Frederick Dion gives tips about snoot photography.

At Maluku Divers the main emphasis of the diving we do is finding and photographing small and unusual critters, which is great as we definitely have plenty of both here.

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Photo 1 “Close

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How to Pack For a Diving Trip

If you will be traveling overseas and need to take your dive equipment, here is a guide that will help you pack everything you need for diving trip.

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Full Gear

Unless you are going to a place where diving is completely unheard of, then you should plan on leaving your weights and dive tank … Read More

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Maximize your Wreck Diving Experience

Once you decide to dive at a wreck site, it would be great to find out the story behind the wreck also for your wreck diving experience. This will give you greater anticipation for the dive as you plan for the day of exploration. The information you gather will be critical.

  • If the site
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Diving Gears Innovation

Nowadays, people love trying out new technology. People are striving to always be among the first who try it out. As we love diving, new diving technology excites us. Remember the time when diving equipment were so heavy? In such a short period of time people invented new diving suits that allow us to move … Read More

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GoPro Settings when Diving

Nowadays people are using GoPro when they are taking videos underwater. GoPro is a camera founded by an American technology company that can resist extreme weather condition, including (if you are using the housing of the camera) underwater diving condition. Its simplicity and handiness attract divers’ attention all around the world. Let’s find out how … Read More